Samsung Gear S2 Review

PROS: Rotating bezel is the most intuitive way to navigate around a smartwatch, Very good display, Premium build.

CONS: Lack of apps, Battery life needs to be longer.

Build and Design

It’s made of metal and has a leather strap, which makes the Samsung Gear S2 feel more premium than the LG Watch Urbane, but it still lacks the really premium look when compared to an Apple Watch, or those by Huawei and Motorola. Of course, looks are subjective and you may like it still, but to me, the Gear S2 looks better in picturesthan in person. It’s got a toy-ish feel about it, which gets in the way of the premiumness, even though it is made of metal and has a seamless design. Perhaps, other colours will make it look better, but as far as my black variant goes, there’s still some work to be done.

The rotating bezel 

This is where the Samsung Gear S2 surpasses all others in the market right now. The rotating bezel on the watch is really the most intuitive way to operate a smartwatch. When you place your index finger on the display, your thumb and middle finger almost always rest on the bezel, making it really simple to navigate around the watch. Perhaps a good way to make it even more intuitive would be to allow the user to press down on the bezel to select a particular app or perform other actions.


The rotating bezel on the Gear S2 is accompanied by what is the best display on a smartwatch today. The 1.2 inch 360x360p Super AMOLED display is warm and incredibly sharp. It’s so bright that I kept the watch on less than 5 on the brightness meter at most times. For someone like me, who keeps all his phones on full brightness, it’s saying something.

Battery Life

Like most smartwatches today, the Gear S2 also lasts for just about a full day. I was able to pull through to a day and a half on occasion, but never more. In fact, when I forgot to take the charger back home over the weekend, the watch spent one full day out of battery. No matter how hard you try, that’s as much as the 250mAh battery can run. 


While having the best smartwatch in the market right now may not mean much, Samsung’s Gear S2 is definitely it. The fact that it’s cheaper than an Apple Watch or LG Watch Urbane just adds points in its favour. The Moto 360 (2nd Gen) does come at a lower price, but can’t match the ease of use and performance of the Gear S2. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2 is definitely worth considering.